What is a child? 

Conceptions regarding what a child is, their development and how they should be raised have varied over the centuries. My research focuses on how scientific disciplines, primarily psychology and psychiatry, have contributed to the creation and perpetuation of normative notions and practices concerning children and childhood.

My dissertation is part of a project studying how child psychological and psychiatric knowledge has been conveyed by Swedish mass media during the latter half of the 20th century and what beliefs and ideas regarding children and youth that have been presented to readers, listeners and viewers.

I focus on how different historical periods have understood what a child is and through which theoretical outlooks, how one should care for it, what has been presumed to be a ‘normal’ development, which problems that may occur and how these should be solved. I have also studied the history of the Swedish profession of psychology and its interaction with Swedish society.

Furthermore, I have a keen interest in methodological issues and my research draws upon advances and approaches within the fields of Science and Technology Studies as well as postconstructionism. 

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