The health, well-being and quality of life of children and youth

Our research in this area comprises two orientations, of which one is oriented towards children's and young people's health as a policy and scientific area intertwined with the institutionalization and professionalization of childhood within the modern welfare state. A second orientation is characterized by children's and young people's perspectives and their everyday activities in various contexts, which means we are studying children's and young people's lived experiences, identity-creating processes and relational processes.

Disability and meaningful leisure

Children and young people with disabilities are entitled to a meaningful leisure time, but they often do not have the same opportunities as others to participate in leisure activities. One research study concerns municipal camp activities aimed at offering recreation and activities outside the home for children and young people who are covered by LSS (the Act on Support and Service for Some Disabled People). Another study concerns activities organized for children with neuropsychiatric disabilities (3-11 years) and their right to a meaningful leisure time from a child's perspective. The study is done in collaboration with KFUM Funkis in Linköping.

The mental health of children and young people

The mental health of children and young people is an issue of considerable social relevance engaging many actors in society, from researchers, politicians and professional groups, to parent groups and children's and young people's own interest organizations. Researchers at Child Studies are involved in various studies, approaching the issue from interdisciplinary perspectives thus mobilizing theories, concepts, and methods from different scientific disciplines and theoretical perspectives. A common point of departure is that children's and young people's mental health is a multifaceted phenomenon whose linguistic meanings and experiential implications are under constant negotiation.

Research projects
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