Data Management, Swedish Register Data, Dynamics of School Segregation 

I am a PhD student at the Institute for Analytical Sociology. I am interested in differences in life course events of immigrants and natives. My current research focuses on school choice at the compulsory school level, and ethnic segregation within and between schools in Sweden.

Research on school segregation

At the IAS, I am part of Interdisciplinary research project on school segregation, funded by the Swedish Research Council, through SIMSAMI am currently involved in a work on the dynamics of ethnic school segregation, with a focus on the school choice and mobility of students between schools at the compulsory school level in Sweden. We use discrete choice models to better understand the focus on ethnic compositions within schools in decision making, as well as the feedback mechanisms of these choices that create the ethnic segregation within and between schools and neighborhoods.

Data Management

Apart from the research on dynamics of school segregation, I am also responsible from the maintenance of individual level register data, that the researchers at IAS has access.

Academic background

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Hacettepe University in Turkey and Master’s in Sociological Demography from Stockholm University in Sweden. For my master’s thesis, I have worked with discrete time event history models. Prior to my master’s education, I have studied economics at the doctoral programme in Economics (UADPhilEcon) at the University of Athens, Greece.

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