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Silje Lundgren

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

I do research on sexual harassment and sexual abuse of power, and teach gender studies. In addition, I work strategically with research funding at the Department of Thematic Studies.

I work together with Malin Wieslander (IBL) in three research projects about sexual harassment within the Swedish Police Force. In addition, I work together with researchers at Uppsala University in a research project about sexual abuse of power, i.e. that a person abuses their position of power in exchange for sexual services. This is a form of corruption, i.e. abuse of power for personal gain.

I teach at the introductory course in gender studies on sexuality and consent, and at the MA program in gender studies, mainly on sexual harassment, violence and abuse. I supervise and examine MA theses in gender studies, mainly with students that use qualitative methods.

The department of Thematic Studies' interdisciplinary research tackles important societal issues, and I coordinate the department's strategic work with research funding.

Research projects



Silje Lundgren, Malin Wieslander (2024) How the duty to report prevents reporting and reinforces silence around sexual harassment within the police Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, Vol. 18 Continue to DOI
Elin Bjarnegard, Dolores Calvo, Asa Elden, Sofia Jonsson, Silje Lundgren (2024) Sex instead of money: Conceptualizing sexual corruption Governance. An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions Continue to DOI


Silje Lundgren, Åsa Eldén, Dolores Calvo, Elin Bjarnegård (2023) Sextortion: Linking sexual violence and corruption in a Nordic context Re-Imagining Sexual Harassment: Perspectives from the Nordic Region, p. 129-152 Continue to DOI
Silje Lundgren (2023) Sexual abuse of power: Implications of focusing on corrupt aspects of sexual harassment and violence
Silje Lundgren, Malin Wieslander (2023) Kvinnliga poliser ska inte lastas för att de trakasserats


CV in short

  • 2022-
    Associate professor, Gender studies, Linköping University.
  • 2017
    Research Coordinator, Department of Thematic Studies (TEMA)
  • 2012-2016
    Research Coordinator, Gender studies, Linköping University.
  • 2011
    Ph D, Uppsala University.
    Ph D thesis in Cultural Anthropology was titled "
    Heterosexual Havana : Ideals and hierarchies of gender and sexuality in contemporary Cuba".
  • 2006-2012
    Ph D student and teacher, The Institute of Latin American Studies, Stockholm University.


  • 2022
    Chair of the Board, Gender Studies and Equality, Linköping University
  • 2019
    Director of Forum for Gender Studies and Equality
  • 2017
    Coordinator of work at Linköping University in relation to the situation for refugees
  • 2016
    Coordinator Conference g16 - Boundaries, Mobility and Mobilisation at g16.