Social Medicine and Public Health with focus on Implementation issues

The implementation of new methods in Health Care is a growing research field. To be of benefit for patients, new evidence based methods must be successfully implemented in practice.

My research area concerns the implementation of new methods in various fields, such as Primary Care, Physiotherapy and Patient Safety. The application of theoretical models in planning, performing, and evaluation of implementation processes helps to create new knowledge in the area.

I am also engaged in teaching regarding implementation, physiotherapy and public health. I have an interest in research methodology, in particular qualitative research methods.

About me


  • 1985 Reg. Physiotherapist
  • 2004 Master of Public Health
  • 2012 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • 2018 Associate Professor

Field of Teaching

  • Teacher at the Physiotherapy programme, the Medical programme and the Master´s programme in Medical Science
  • Course coordinator of a course on Clinical Evaluation and Measurement in Physiotherapy
  • Supervisor for students in Physiotherapy and Public Health


Recent publications





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