Employability, learning and citizenship

In my dissertation from 2016, Ethnicizing Employability, I explore how different discourses and power techniques shape unemployed subjects. More precisely, I focus on how unemployment is problematized and ethnicized among long-term unemployed and how they ought to learn to become employable. Empirically, the thesis is based on labour market projects funded by the European Social Fund.

I continue to research how projects funded by the European Social Fund target those furthest from the labour market and how these social initiatives relate to the objectives of a sustainable working life.

Furthermore, I work in a FORTE-financed project in collaboration with colleagues from Stockholm School of Economics. In this project we interrogate the  inclusion of migrants on the labour market from a recruitment perspective. The project is based on interviews with key actors engaged in recruitment processes in a number of organisations. 

In addition, I am engaged in educational research, mainly about the importance of the free school choice and how this affects local politicians ambitions to provide citizens with equal education. This involves an interest in how we become choosing subjects and are shaped according to the logic of free choice more generally.


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Magnus Dahlstedt, Viktor Vesterberg (2020) Kritisk diskursanalys Metoder för forskning i socialt arbete , s. 177-192
David Ekholm, Viktor Vesterberg (2020) Diskursanalys Metoder för forskning i socialt arbete , s. 157-173

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  • Social and Cultural Analysis
  • Primary School Teacher Programme -
    Pre-school class and year 1-3
  • Secondary School Teacher Programme - Years 7-9
  • Secondary School Teacher Programme - Upper Secondary 
  • Pedagogy



  • Degree of Doctors in Ethnicity and Migration, LiU 2016
  • Degree of Master in Social and Cultural analysis, LiU 2009

Work Experience 

I have previously worked with the Thematic Group on Inclusion (TIA), 2009-2011.

One of TIA:s tasks was to analyse projects related to labour market inclusion.