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Linköping University offers commissioned education to employers who want to strengthen their organizations with new knowledge based on the most recent scientific research. We give professionals the opportunity of lifelong learning! 

LiU conducts world-leading research in several scientific areas, such as AI, visualization and adult education. Our latest and innovative research forms the basis from which our teachers create commissioned education. However, our teachers combine this knowledge with your professional experiences by discussing real cases and pracitical implications. This creates high-quality skills and a competitive advantage for you and your organization.

On this page you can find some of the education that is pre-designed and open for participants from different organizations. Does your organization have a need for specific competence? LiU can help you design courses and seminars that suits the requirements and needs of your organization.  A tailored education can be conducted at campus, at your organization, or online. As the contracting party, you can also choose whether to include examinations and the attainment of university credits or not.

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Academic mentorship

Do you want to improve your leadership skills? LiU now offers leaders and managers the opportunity to receive customized training with individual coaching from our researchers. The researcher becomes your academic mentor, supporting you in your leadership development, based on the unique challenges in your organization.

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Education in AI and technology

Artificial intelligence is about to change our professional life, and LiU can give you tools to take with you into the future. Our world-leading research forms the base of our Commissioned Education in the area. We have earlier designed education on topics such as:

  • AI and ethics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Introduction to AI
  • Visualization, Visual Perception and Computer Vision

We are currently working on a widening of education in AI, and hope to shortly present more education in the area.

FAQ - about Commissioned Education

What is Commissioned Education?

Commissioned education is professional development for employees. Employers looking to strengthen their organizations with new knowledge, or organizations aiming to provide skill development opportunities for job seekers, can achieve this by purchasing commissioned education from us at LiU. All our education combines the latest research with practical knowledge.

Linköping University offers both pre-designed and tailored education. In some cases, a contracting party can purchase commissioned education where course participants study alongside regular, publicly funded students, a practice known as co-enrollment.

Who is the contracting party?

The contracting party must be a legal entity, such as a company or an organization. Therefore, commissioned education cannot be purchased by an individual.

Who can participate in commissioned education?

The contracting party, usually the employer, selects the course participants.

Is there a requirement of previous university studies to enroll in commissioned education?

Generally, there is no requirement for previous studies at a college or university to enroll in commissioned education, as the contracting party designates participants. However, there might be courses that require prior knowledge, which you may have acquired through previous studies. In such cases, this information will be clearly stated in the course description on our website.

Why LiU?

  • We provide education grounded in the latest scientific research
  • We can offer university credits after a completed education
  • We can tailor education to meet your specific needs
  • We aim to be flexible regarding location, timing, content, and format
  • We give you the opportunity to build networks with other professionals

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