The Kalas Manual

Welcome to the Kalas digital fair.

Meet us – student clubs, partners and businesses – at a digital fair during the Kalas event.

You can wander around in different rooms where businesses and organisations present about their operations and how they can be of interest to you as a student. You can also compete for great prizes at some stands.

Welcome to the Kalas digital fair.

Location: Campus hall at Campus Valla
Time: September 7 between 12-5 pm


4 personer sitter och fikar vid ett bord utomhus

Region Östergötland

We have high ambitions – for our future lives.

Region Östergötland is responsible for healthcare, regional development and public transport in Östergötland. We shall create good and attractive living conditions for the region’s residents. We shall have world-class health and healthcare. We shall have a strong business sector, high employment levels and a sustainable use of natural resources. We shall be at the forefront in research and innovation.

Region Östergötland is the county’s largest employer. We have the desire and the motivation to make a difference. Together we improve the region – every day, and for our future lives.

Logotyp för Region Östergötland

Nattvy över Linköping stad med roxen i bakgrunden

Linköpings Municipality

The place where you meet the future. A rapidly growing city with sustainability, high-tech and innovation in focus.

A recent brand study shows that Linköping is primarily associated with high-tech, aeronautics and being a city of the future. A further association is the university. We also have a fantastic business sector with enormous breadth, technical expertise as well as a varied and vital labour market.

Our city is a welcoming and highly livable place with an excellent offering of entertainment shopping and leisure activities. A beautiful city where everything is possible and ideas become reality.


Vy över Arbetets museum och Strömmen i Norrköping

Norrköpings Municipality

Norrköping does something to people. Its energy is contagious.

Norrköping offers employment, housing and a future. It has one of Sweden’s most beautiful university campuses –located close to the city centre and a broad selection of culture, sport and entertainment. Restaurants and cafés abound. It’s easy to feel at home in Norrköping; in 2013 the city was named “Student town of the year”. Since then we have continued developing what we believe in: an inspirational campus in the middle of the city, good accommodation and great collaboration between the university, municipality and the business sector. Many students prefer to remain in town after their degree, which we think says a lot about how easy it is to be happy there.

Logotyp för Norrköpings kommun




The new union for academic graduates

The salary, security, career choices - we support you as a member throughout your working life. We know you have put energy, ambition and resources into your education – and want a return on this investment. As a member, you get the tools to pursue the career you want. Membership is free of charge for the entire period of study.



Sweden’s largest trade union on the private labour market.

Unionen's student membership is designed for those studying at college or university and aiming for a job in the private sector after their degree. As a student member in Unionen, you pay nothing, i.e. SEK 0 for a membership that applies to the entire study period - regardless of how long you choose to study. 



Brand merch made easy.

We offer smart digital solutions that simplify our customers' everyday life when they need everything from an embroidered jacket to thousands of pens. Thanks to our own production and extremely well-oiled logistics, we also shorten all lead times to a minimum. Profile clothes, profile products and work clothes - everything you need to strengthen your brand. Order at


Growth with focus on good profitability

We recruit the sharpest employees and acquire the most promising companies. With efficiency, competence and service, we want to be our customers' natural first choice in our business areas and in the geographical areas in which we operate. Welcome to get to know us.



Akademikerförbundet SSR

The Union for Professionals – the voice for academics

The Union for Professionals, Akademikerförbundet SSR, is Sweden's leading union in the field of social sciences. We work to improve conditions, education, wages and opportunities for our members. The Union for Professionals is a trade union for university graduates with a degree in social science, behavioral science or social work

Akademikerförbundet SSR

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