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Today, being able to search, select and evaluate information in studies, at workplace and in private life is crucial. Participation in library instruction will help LiU students to manage these challenges.

The core topics in library instruction at Linköping University are information seeking, source criticism, scholarly publication, reference management and anti-plagiarism/academic honesty. In close cooperation with LiU teachers, we help students develop the abilities to manage these challenges.

To succeed with a student thesis or other study assignments, abilities in information seeking are required and the Library’s instruction provide tools for navigating the landscape of academic publishing as well as finding and accessing relevant scholarly publications and other information. 

To be able to evaluate information and to know how to cite and refer sources in a proper manner – and thereby avoiding plagiarizing – are other important areas addressed in library instruction. 

The library also offers introductions in Zotero and EndNote, reference management programs for saving and handling references in academic texts.


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As a LiU lecturer, you are welcome to request library instruction for your students.

All our instruction for students up to master or advanced level is free of charge.

We will gladly plan instruction sessions in collaboration with you, so that they will tie in with relevant and appropriate student activities in your course. 

We can offer instruction in different formats and will tailor the session for your students’ needs. For example, an instruction session can be:

  • a workshop in a computer room
  • a lecture
  • an Active Learning Classroom (ALC) session
  • an open consultation session
  • a digital learning object (anti-plagiarism tutorial, video etc)

Please book instruction for your student group at least three weeks ahead of time.

To request library instruction, email us at

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We offer seminars and workshops in information seeking, search strategies, citation databases, and Open Access issues for PhD students.

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