Valla Library (CV)

Campus Valla Library provides library services to educational and research needs at Campus Valla in Linköping.

Valla Library is housed in Studenthuset, the primary meeting place at Campus Valla. In Studenthuset, there are approximately 1000 reading places in total, including individual study seats, group study spaces, group activity rooms, and a silent reading room on floor 4. The vision behind Studenthuset is to provide all student services in one place.

Valla Library’s collections reflect the wide scope of educational and research subjects at LiU’s largest campus and comprise humanities, behavioral science, social sciences, technology, mathematics and science. 

The key places in the library are the enquiry desk and reference copies of textbooks collection on floor 3, and the library stacks with the bulk of the library’s book collection, located on floor 1, one floor below ground level.

Valla Library is open to the public.

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Student house at Campus Valla seen from Valla outdoor recreation area
Student house at Campus Valla seen from Valla outdoor recreation area Peter Karlsson


Valla Library is housed in Studenthuset, centrally located on campus by the Corso. Studenthuset was inaugurated in the autumn of 2019.
A librarian and a library visitor by the enquiry desk at Valla Library.
Magnus Johansson

Floor 3

At the enquiry desk on floor 3, one floor above ground level, library staff are on hand to help you with information seeking and answer your questions about library loans and other services. Nearby, there is the self-return machine where you return your library loans.
Magnus Johansson

Floor 3

At floor 3, you will also find Valla Library’s collection of reference copies of textbooks (day loan items), books on hold and self-service stations for borrowing books with your LiU card.
Magnus Johansson

Reading spaces

In Studenthuset, there are plenty of reading spaces for group work as well as for individual study. A silent reading room is located on floor 4.
Two students at books shelves in Valla Library.
Magnus Johansson

Floors 4 to 6

Floors 4 to 6 house the library’s collections of fiction. Fiction books in English, German, French and some other languages are available on floor 6.
Two students by DigiMaker's 3D printer.
Magnus Johansson


DigiMaker, the Library’s combined digital lab and makerspace, can be found on the 5th floor in Studenthuset. DigiMaker has a 3D printer, VR gear, recording equipment, Lego and other tools that will help you unleash your creativity.
Magnus Johansson

Library stacks

The Library stacks on floor 1 house the bulk of the library’s collections, including home loan copies of non-fiction books, periodicals, parliamentary papers from the Swedish Riksdag and newspapers on microfilm. There is also a separate collection of school books and teaching material.

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Contact Valla Library


Phone: +46 (0)13-28 19 10

Visiting address

Valla Library, Studenthuset Campus Valla

Mailing address

Linköping University Library
SE-581 83 Linköping Sweden

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