06 April 2021

How is health related to sex, age and ethnicity? Is health and sustainable development linked? A webinar arranged by Region Östergötland and the Centre for Medical Humanities and Bioethics (CMHB) placed such questions in focus. It attracted many participants to discuss the pandemic, intersectionality and sustainable development.

Online video conference

More than 100 participants joined the Zoom webinar “Hot mot hälsan: pandemi, intersektionalitet och hållbar utveckling” (“Threats to health: the pandemic, intersectionality and sustainable development”) on 5 February 2021. They came from the full length of Sweden;from government agencies, other public bodies, and the academic world. This was an arrangement that stimulated ideas about further collaborative events between the university and the regional administration.

Using different perspectives on the pandemic as a starting point, we discussed questions of how health is related to, for example, sex/gender, age, ethnicity and class. We wanted to highlight how such different perspectives can contribute to shed light on how sustainability can be understood” , says Lisa Guntram, coordinator at CMHB and organiser of the webinar.

Against the background of the pandemic, the webinar started by the four invited speakers presenting parts of their research. This was followed by a round-table with the speakers and chaired by Margareta Wandel, who works with sustainability strategy at Region Östergötland.

The “Hot mot hälsan” webinar develops the discussion into health and sustainability that started at the “Framtidens stad och samhälle” (“The city and society of the future”) event held by Region Östergötland in November 2020.

We miss the opportunity to arrange activities such as this one in person, but at the same time the present situation allows us to reach a different and broader audience. We have learnt a lot and will make use of this new knowledge in planning upcoming events”, says Lisa Guntram. We are planning for further event which invites a broad range of actors. Keep an eye on the CMHB website and follow us on Twitter for more information.


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