Cutting edge research

Biogasbuss i Linköping
Biogas bus in Linköpings city. Göran Billeson
Gröna påsen
Gröna påsen - the green bag for food waste  Göran Billeson
Biogasforskning vid Tema M
In the Laboratory

This is an area that has expanded significantly since the end of the 1990s, when diesel fumes around the market place in central Linköping and slaughterhouse waste were major environmental headaches in the municipality. Interest in the area has spread far beyond the region and Linköping University has been the host for the national Biogas Research Centre, BRC, since 2012.

These days, leading research is being carried out into biogas with a broad interdisciplinary approach and with large international relevance. Engineers, sociologists, economists and microbiologists work side by side in cooperation with companies and organisations. 

The region around Linköping University sees wide use of biogas and other fossil-free fuels. Buses, taxis, waste collection trucks and other municipal traffic is operated on biogas and Norrköping has Sweden's first fully fossil-free filling station. Researchers are putting emphasis on the development of innovative and resource-efficient biogas solutions.