A powerful force in society

A men is sitting on the bench i the forest and surfing on the phone

A powerful force for change in society where LiU conducts outstanding research is focused on how digitalization affects our behaviour and our relationships to public services. Digital government, e-government, e-services and eID are some of LiU’s special fields.

A wave of digitalization is sweeping across an increasing number of fields. What used to be dealt with by telephone calls, meetings and letters is now being handled by various types of e-services, often on hand-held devices like smart phones. We identify ourselves by using mobile eIDs, handle banking business by our mobile phones, and interact with government agencies through several types of digital services.

LiU conducts outstanding research into how digitalization affects us as citizens, and our relationships with government agencies and other services. The research also focuses on how digitalization affects organisations and their co-workers. Examples include research into the use, evaluation and development of e-services in the public sector. How do these influence our behaviour? Mutual trust? Do we use the functions and services as the designers intended? How can public organizations and services be transformed in the future, taking expertise and trust into consideration?

Digitalization applied in viable societies (e.g. smart cities) is another research area, which is relevant to some of the major challenges facing us, such as urbanisation and climate change.

eID is a further important area, as is the way in which digitalization affects democracy and the democratic processes, not least at local government level.