A focus on the efficient use of resources

Målerirobotar på Toyota Material Handling
Sustainable production Göran Billeson

Research into production comprises fields that are important for the future such as: design for sustainable production, sustainable production and assembly systems, remanufacturing, robotisation and the automation of production, and new types of tool fixtures.

One prominent field at LiU is the development of sustainable production, while another is the development of technology, methods and systems for remanufacturing.

Lean automation and mass customisation in flexible production systems are other important fields, as is design for sustainable production and assembly.

The large Mistra programme Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions, REES, is coordinated at LiU. This is a collaboration between researchers at Linköping University, Lund University and the Chalmers University of Technology.

Related research areas such as sustainable business models and robotics are discussed separately below.



Related research areas