Sustainable Manufacturing

Hållbar produktion genom utveckling av en kemikaliefri industritvätt (SQID-projektet)

The concept of sustainability is important for industrial production, and it will become even more so in the future.

A sustainable production is one that satisfies the needs of today without limiting the possibilities of future generations to satisfy their needs. We have a group of researchers who study industrial processes, in particular remanufacturing. They focus in particular on how to make remanufacturing processes more sustainable. Remanufacturing describes the industrial process in which a used product is restored to its new condition, or even better. This is a key process in our striving for a more sustainable society, and the principles of circular economy must always be considered when it is used.

At Linköping University, we have over the years worked with, for example, the disassembly of computer screens, chemical-free industrial washes, efficient remanufacturing systems, and design for manufacturing and remanufacturing.

Manufacturers and remanufacturers benefit from our research, which is applied and aims to improve products in several industries. Within the research project IQ-Intelligent Qleaning, we have, for example, developed industrial washing equipment using ultraclean water for cleaning processes in the production of circuit boards.

In the research projects KEAP and ÅterProdukt, we have developed methods to make remanufacturing processes more efficient and to improve the flow of information through the value chains of several companies. Within the projects HÅPLA and AutoDisa, new methods and equipment have been developed for the Swedish recycling industry to achieve a more efficient disassembly of flat screens.





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