Welcome to the Child and Infant Lab in Linköping

Barn som tittar på surfplatta, vuxen vid sidan om
Photo: Anna Nilsen

How can we understand cognitive, social and emotional development in children? At the Child and Infant Lab we adjust our studies to children's abilities and carefully examine what children do, how they express themselves and how the react in playful situations. Our research projects cover several areas of child development.

Do you want your child to participate in a study?

If you are interested in letting your child participate in one of our studies, please fill in an application form or contact us at bbl@ibl.liu.se

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Through structured observations we record what children do when presented with a variety of toys. Through a meticulous analysis we are able to study children’s behaviour and come to conclusions about their memory and social abilities. We have several ongoing studies researching different things. What we study and how we analyse the recorded material depends on which studies the child takes part in. Our lab is at Linköping University, at Campus Valla, Building I.