Can I manage this? – Technology, health and ageing among oldest-old

Äldre dam använder en läsplatta

The aim of the project “Can I manage this?” is to look at the expectations of oldest old (+80) people who are still living in their own homes on technology intended to facilitate remaining at home and daily life/activities, as well as its use.

The demographic shift, with a substantial surplus of older people with increasing chronic public health problems and a shrinking share of gainfully employed people, calls for innovative approaches and increased efficiency in nursing and care, but the greatest potential for reducing costs lies in “non-care” and “non-nursing”, i.e. preventive measures in which technology plays important part. Technology to facilitate remaining at home and carrying out life’s daily activities is expected to be a contributor to maintaining good health and to healthy/active ageing.

Component studies

Qualitative and quantitative component studies will be carried out within the project to highlight the perspectives and opinions of the oldest old (+80) on technology and technology use, and how this could affect independence and remaining at home, as well as contribute to a sense of good health and the possibility of active ageing. The choice of component studies means that these issues will be studied in groups of older people, both participants and non-participants in training and testing of applications.

The project will employ focus group and individual interviews as well as various assessment instruments for measuring technology use.

Collaboration with Testmiljö Norrköping

The “Can I manage this?” project is being carried out in collaboration with the project Testmiljö Norrköping, in which two residential areas with a large share of older people have been established as a test environment for ICT. The areas’ current demographic makeup reflect the demographics of Europe as a whole in 2060.

Within the Testmiljö Norrköping project, plans are being made to offer training in/testing of tablets and applications for increased security, social communication and independence to a group of older people (around 80 or older), via Senior Net/other education associations.

Senior Net