New governance and processes

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New complex problems and challenges such as climate change, finance and migration crises can not be resolved within the traditional political organizations. They demand new forms of governance at local, regional and global levels.

There is a need for both new knowledge and new practical applications of political governance locally as well as globally. We address this through studies of climate refugees, how citizenship is created and how states more intelligently express and coordinate their power in collaboration with other actors.

New solutions to challenges

New solution to challenges

We study these new challenges and states' responses to them in the international arena. We also analyze how this gives, or should give, rise to new institutional or legal arrangements. This means that we have a historical as well as a future perspective.

By institutional arrangements we mean here how arrangements in the form of various agreements and more formal contracts guide how, by whom and in what ways common problems are addressed.

It is therefore important to ensure that new problems are dealt with both within the institutional arrangements that exist today and, at the same time, global discussions are needed on whether and how new arrangements should be designed.

Development at local and regional level

We also examine how new forms of governance have developed, or should develop in the future, at local and regional level in the light of social and technological change processes such as the expansion of the welfare state, urbanization and information technology developments.

Today, these processes are guided by a quest for collaboration in new forms. At the same time, it is a difficult balancing act between the pursuit of common core values and the ability to respect differences between states.


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