Performance management and fossil free freight

Various management and technology-focused actions must be implemented in the freight transport system in the transition towards fossil free freight, but how do companies ensure that performances are moving in the right direction?

Current performance management does not always support environmental improvements. Narrow or ill-considered environmental demands from transport buyers poorly propagate through transport supply chains consisting of transport brokers, freight forwarders, and haulers.

The follow-up lacks appropriate measures and tools, leading to sub-optimizations and the implementation of inefficient actions. Self-interests, lack of a holistic perspective, and insufficient collaboration hinder progress. At the same time, performance management rarely supports the actor collaboration that is so central to the transition.

The project aims to support transport buyers and transport providers in the long-term transition to a fossil-free transport system, focusing on performance management in actor collaboration.

Financier: Triple F

Project time: 2024-2026

Participating organisations/Project partners:

  • Linnaeus University
  • Bring
  • DHL Freight
  • Elanders
  • Lyreco
  • Scania
  • Systembolaget


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