Research School in Interdisciplinary Mathematics

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The Department of Mathematics offers a doctoral programme for students with a strong mathematical interest who are interested to apply mathematics on practical problems in different fields such as engineering, business, computer science, and industry.

The education within the Research School in Interdisciplinary Mathematics will lead to a doctorate in applied mathematics with a broader applied and interdisciplinary profile than is usual. Therefore, we want to attract students with a strong interest in mathematics who are also interested in working actively with problems that have a clear connection to an applied subject or science.

In addition to opening the way for a continuing career in industry or research institutes, a doctoral degree at the Research School should be seen as a natural basis for a lectureship in mathematics or applied mathematics, especially at a technical faculty, or a career as a teacher or researcher in an applied subject.

Objectives for the research school in Mathematics

The overall objectives of the Research School are

  • to recruit PhD students with an interest in applied problems, attractive for industry, as well as their own and other research institutes
  • to provide more external research funding to the Department of Mathematics and involve a greater part of the teachers and researchers in external activities
  • to stimulate research contacts across subject and department boundaries between mathematicians and representatives of applied subjects and sciences
  • to support research groups with expertise in various disciplines and thereby increase the opportunities for new technological/scientific breakthroughs.

Application for PhD positions in Mathematics

PhD positions at the Research School are advertised on Work at Linköping University.

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