Societal Transformations Lab


An innovative platform for research on transformations toward sustainability

Societal transformations refer to fundamental systemic changes, which entail reconfigurations of modes of production, institutions, and sense-making practices. Transformation can thus involve social, cultural, technological, political, economic and environmental processes. Societal transformations toward sustainability is a growing research field with two different approaches: Descriptive-analytical and prescriptive-action oriented.

Societal transformations can occur at different temporal and spatial scales. Long-term transformations include the shift from hunter-gathering to agricultural societies or from agricultural to industrial societies. The evolvement of an internet-based network society is an example of transformations with a shorter scope in time. Such changes occur at global, regional, national and local levels.

Societal Transformations Lab offers a node for advancing research on transformations toward sustainability, across temporal and spatial scales. Our research agenda spans from theoretical analyses to action oriented research. A key ambition is to develop analytical platforms for exploring the assumptions and implications of studies of and efforts to achieve societal transformations. To this end we draw on the unique opportunities offered by the Norrköping Decision Arena and other tools for interactive visualisation.

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