Sports Analytics

Three LHC-players and tvo from HV in front of LHC's goal and goalkeeper during a hockey game.

Sports analytics deals with data related to sports events to obtain insights about the sport and its surroundings. In our group we interpret this broadly. The insights can relate to player and team performance, strategies, training, injuries, and rules of the game.

Our group

We are researchers from different groups at Linköping University, primarily from the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), with a common interest in various aspects of sports analytics. The group was formed in 2017. 


We perform research in ice hockey, football, basketball, and baseball. 


Since 2022, the group organises, together with Linköping Hockey Club, LINHAC - Linköping Hockey Analytics Conference, Europe's only conference on ice hockey analytics.


Since 2019, we offer a course in Sports Analytics within the Master's Programme in Statistics and Machine Learning.

For more information about the group, publications, courses, events and Master and Bachelor thesis proposals, we refer to Sports Analytics - IDA

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