Elderly hands holding cell phone

How does welfare technology contribute to safety, activity, participation, and independence within elderly care?

In this FORTE funded project, we aim to explore how welfare technology can impact the security, activity, participation, and independence of individuals in elderly care.
The project takes a comprehensive approach by analyzing four different perspectives: elderly individuals, relatives, staff, and decision-makers within municipal elderly care.

Today's elderly care, there are high expectations that welfare technology can be a key to addressing the increasing and complex needs in healthcare and caregiving. Challenges arise as the number of elderly individuals in society grows, while human and financial resources in healthcare diminish. Additionally, there is a lack of knowledge about various stakeholders' perspectives on the introduction of welfare technology and its impact on local municipal elderly care.

Our project will be conducted in different municipalities. We aim to investigate which aspects of elderly care utilize welfare technology, how welfare technology are perceived by different stakeholders, what expectations exist, and whether these perceptions align with the practical implementation.

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