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Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Linköping University!
The information provided here is valid for exchange students nominated by their home universities only.


The application form for the spring semester 2019 will open in early September. Before starting your application, please read the instructions below.

1. Search for courses

Note that full-time courses at Faculty of Arts and Sciences run during four (4) periods per semester. You can only choose one full-time course for each period. 

2. Specific requirements

Make sure you are eligible for all courses you select. Read the information detailing the specific requirements for each course.

3.Register on the "Portal for incoming exchange students"

The application form includes personal data, academic background, choice of courses and the period of study for your stay at Linköping University. The form is to be completed online and is only available during the application period.

4. Upload required documents

  • Transcript of records of all university education
  • Proof of English language skills*
  • List of ongoing courses
  • Degree certificate (if applicable)

All documents must be scanned into one pdf file.

5. Submit the form

A print-out version of your application will open for your reference.

6. Deadline

The deadline for the spring semester 2019 is October 15, 2018, 23.59 o'clock Central European Summer Time (CEST). 

7. After you have submitted your application

We will start the assessment of your applications directly after the deadline has expired. It will take around ten weeks for the process to be completed. In the meanwhile, if we need additional information or documents from you, we will contact you. The admission letter will be sent:

  • on 9 November 2018 for the students who need a visa to study in Sweden
  • on 7 december 2018 for the rest

Please note that learning agreements or any other similar document will not be signed before the admission letters have been issued and sent.

*) Proof of skills in English. You need to show that you have adequate proficiency in English to take academic courses with English as the language of instruction. This may be demonstrated by, for example, an international English test (such as IELTS or TOEFL), a certificate from your coordinator at your home university, or a transcript of records showing previous studies with English as the language of instruction. Students studying in English and students with English as mother tongue do not need to provide proof of skills in English.

How to apply - video tutorial

This video tutorial takes you through each step of the application process.

Find your courses and apply

Courses in English or Swedish

Courses listed in the list and the dropdown are taught in English. When you have been selected by your home university, you should complete the application procedure described above. 

Swedish speaking students can apply for courses in Swedish, admission may be granted if there are places in the course.

Courses in Swedish for Swedish-speaking students

Application form

MoveON - portal for application form for incoming students


In this dropdown you can find our courses sorted by course code and main field of study. Please note that the code “A1X” in the level column refers to courses given at the master level, while the codes “G1X” and “G2X” refer to undergraduate level courses.

Suggested course packages

Course information and timetable 

Full-time courses, part-time courses and ECTS credits

Full-time courses

  • Approximately 8 hours of work per day, which include lectures, seminars, studying, group work, reading etc.
  • Cannot be combined with other full-time courses. Only one full-time course can be taken at a time.
  • A full-time course of 7.5 ECTS will continue for 5 weeks. A full-time course of 15 ECTS will continue for 10 weeks. A full-time 30 ECTS course will continue for the whole semester (i.e. 20 weeks).
  • For 7.5 ECTS full-time courses we divide the semester into four periods. When choosing your courses please make sure to choose one full-time course per period.

Part-time courses

  • Usually continues through the whole semester with 1-2 lectures per week.
  • Most part-time courses have their lectures during evenings in order not to collide with full-time courses.
  • Can be combined with full-time courses and other part-time courses.

ECTS credits

Linköping University implements the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

ECTS credits are a value allocated to course units to describe the student workload required to complete them. They reflect the amount of work each course requires including lectures, practical work, seminars, private study – in the library or at home – and examinations or other assessment activities

examples of timetable

Make up your timetable

This is two ways of making up your timetable.

Learning agreement and information for admitted students

Contact information

Visiting hours Linköping

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays
Time: 12:00 to 13:00
Place: Exchange Student Help Desk - Zenit building (ground floor).


Visiting hours Norrköping

Day: Every Thursday 
Time: 10:00 to 13:00
Place: Täppan, level 5, room TP 5029c (follow the signs to Faculty of Educational Sciences).

Contact person

Kostas Mitropoulos

Position: International Exchange Coordinator
Phone: +46 13 281719