The Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Faculty of Educational Sciences offer short-term courses for exchange students. It's a great opportunity to try out exchange studies without having to commit to a full semester abroad.

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Winter programme

Early December 2024 to end of February 2025

<p>Language of instruction: English (applies to all of the courses listed below, Except the Swedish language course in period 2).</p>


Short courses are offered during three periods: early December-mid January, January and end of January-end of February. Students are welcome to study one, two or all three periods (only one course per period).

Period 1: Early December to mid-January

Starting on 02 December 2024 and ending on 19 January 2025. Choose one of the following courses if you want to participate in period 1.

Undergraduate courses

Development Economics, 7,5 credits

Environmental Monitoring, 7,5 credits

Ethics and Migration, basic course, 7,5 credits (starts 12 December)

Europe in the World, 7,5 credits

International Business, 7,5 credits

Perspectives on Digitalization, 7,5 credits

Risk Management of Financial Markets, 7,5 credits

Master courses

Big data: Social Processes and Ethical Issues, 7,5 credits

Contemporary Issues in International Governance, 7,5 credits

Environmental Politics and Governance, 7,5 credits

Ethics and Migration, advanced course, 7,5 credits (starts 12 December)

International and European Law, 7,5 credits

Intersectional Migration Studies: Bodies, Genders and Sexualities, 7,5 credits (ATT: study period 18 December 2023 until 24 February 2024)

Strategic Planning of Urban Climate Transitions, 7,5 credits

The Politics of Planning - Power, Controversies, and Legacies, 7,5 credits

Period 2: January

Choose the Intensive beginner's course in Swedish if you want to participate in period 2.

Intensive beginner’s course in Swedish

Credits: 7.5 credits
Study Period: 02 January 2025 – 02 February 2025
Level: Undergraduate
Language of instruction: Swedish

This course is intended for students with no previous knowledge of Swedish. It is a four-week full-time course aiming to give students a basic knowledge of Swedish with an emphasis on oral skills. The course has four components: pronunciation exercises, oral training, basic Swedish grammar and short writing exercises.

Period 3: End of January to end of February

Starting on 20 January 2025 and ending on 23 February 2025. Choose one of the following courses if you want to participate in period 3.

We organise a welcome week and faculty introduction the week before, if you would like to attend it is recommended you arrive during week 3 (Preliminary Arrival Day: 14 January).

Undergraduate courses

Business Ethics, basic course, 7,5 credits

Health Economics and Ethics, 7,5 credits

History of European Identity, 7,5 credits

Management Control, 7,5 credits

Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, 7,5 credits

Master courses

Business Ethics, advanced course, 7,5 credits

Business Finance, 7,5 credits

Climate Science and Climate Change, 7.5 credits

Contemporary European Institutions, 7,5 credits

Recent Trends in Strategic Urban and Regional Planning - Urbanisation and Globalisation, 7,5 credits


Spring programme

LiU Summer Academy


Application deadline for our winter programme is October 15, 2024.

Application deadline for our spring programme is open: accepted on a rolling basis.

Read more and apply

Why choose LiU's short-term mobility?

Sweden is known for its cold, snowy and dark winters. Why then study there during that time? Our winter courses will give you the perfect chance to study courses you are genuinely interested in and to gain some extra credits while living abroad. It's a great opportunity to try out exchange studies without having to commit to a full semester abroad.

Most of our winter courses are part of LiUs degree programmes, which ensures their high quality and standard of education. They are credit-bearing and taught in a truly multi-cultural and challenging environment including both local and international students.

Linköping and our university are well-known for a vibrant and active student life, and the winter months offers a variety of unique experiences and possibilities, including all kinds of winter sports, breath-taking nature sights and a cosy atmosphere. More about what there is to do in Linköping can be found on Visit Linköping’s website.

Winter courses could also be an excellent opportunity to travel and explore. The big Scandinavian cities (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Oslo etc.) are just a train-ride away while the whole of Europe comes closer through our local Linköping City airport, with daily flights to Amsterdam, as well as the Skavsta airport, with low-cost flights to popular European destinations.

If you would rather try out studying abroad during spring or summer, you can apply for our spring programme or LiU’s Summer Academy instead.

Studying at LiU in spring or summer offers a blend of academic rigor, natural beauty, cultural experiences, and seasonal activities that enrich the student experience.

The spring semester typically aligns with the blooming of nature in Sweden, creating a beautiful and inspiring environment. A great variety of new outdoor activities become available as the weather improves, providing opportunities for exploration and relaxation during breaks from studies, such as climbing, hiking, kayaking, sailing, and swimming. It is a great season to fully experience the Swedish concept of allemansrätten: the "right of public access," allows people to roam freely in nature, pick berries and mushrooms, and camp on public land. Additionally, spring often features cultural events and festivals in the region, allowing students to engage with local traditions and customs.

Whatever season you end up choosing to study at our university, LiU's short-term mobility program promises an enriching and unforgettable experience, in terms of academic advancement, cultural exploration, as well as personal development.

Practical information

Do I need to apply for a Visa?

A visa is a permit to enter a country and stay there up to 90 days. If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU and you want to visit Sweden (and the other Schengen countries), you usually do not need to apply for a visa. However, exceptions do apply. You can check online if you need to apply for a visa or not.

List of foreign citizens who require Visa for entry into Sweden.(

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Digital welcome package

The Digital Welcome Package is an introduction package for new international students at Linköping University.

Exchange studies

Studying abroad is not just new knowledge, but a life-changing experience. Join us as an exchange student for a taste of Swedish life on one of LiU's beautiful campuses in East Sweden.