DoStuC is the official representative group of PhD students at IFM. We aim to improve the PhD student experience at the department.

Doctoral Student CouncilClaudia Schnitter, Nikolaos Giochalas, Jui-Che Chang, Marian Brännvall, Greta Elovsson, Pernilla Helmer, Sachin Sharma Doctoral Student Council of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM) is a forum for all issues regarding PhD students at IFM.

We meet once a month and you are welcome to attend our meetings. Just contact us if you want to do so, and we'll let you know the time and place of our next meeting.

There are two seats for PhD student representatives at the Board of IFM and two at the Board of Graduate Education and we keep close contact with the representatives ‒ who usually (but not necessarily) are members of DoStuC as well. These involvements give us great means to make a difference!

Are you displeased with anything, or would like to highlight something that works very well? Do you have any questions or a suggestion of an issue for us to pursue? Would you like to know more about us, or would you like to join us and contribute to a good PhD student time at IFM?

Contact DoStuC

You are most welcome to visit us at our meetings and/or contact us at email (see e-mail addresses below):


You can also find more information on beeing a PhD Student at the PhD Network, at link below:

LiU University PhD Network (LIUPhD). 

And public Lisam folder at link below:
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Nikolaos Giochalas Nanostructured Materials Chair, Member
Hector Guerra Yanez Thin Film Physics Member
Hari Hara Sudhan Thangavelu
Thin Film Physics
Member of LiU PhD
Anna Lang
Electronic and Photonic Materials
Marian Brännvall    Member of IFM board