Bioinformatics (BIOIN)

The research at the Bioinformatics division is focused on development of methods to analyse and understand biological data.

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary research area combining physics, chemistry, and biology with computer science, statistics, and mathematics.

At the unit of Theoretical chemistry, headed by Bo Durbeej, research is carried out with the aim to solve a variety of chemical problems with methods rooted in quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics.

Research at Bioinformatics division

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How to shift gears in a molecular motor

Scientists have long strived to develop artificial molecular motors that can convert energy into directed motion. Researchers at LiU have now presented a solution to a challenging problem: a “molecular gear”.

young woman in a wheelchair.

Severe MS predicted using machine learning

A combination of only 11 proteins can predict long-term disability outcomes in multiple sclerosis (MS) for different individuals. The proteins could be used to tailor treatments to the individual based on the expected severity of the disease.

Mika Gustafsson and David Martinez peeking into a server rack in the data center in Kärnhuset, NSC.

A step towards AI-based precision medicine

AI which finds patterns in complex biological data could eventually contribute to the development of individually tailored healthcare. Researchers have developed an AI-based method applicable to various medical and biological issues.



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