The last week of September, science and research is celebrated in over 370 cities in 27 countries across Europe.

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In the end of September every year, Linköping University offer several activities where the public can interact with researchers in a relaxed environment. Researchers are ordinary people with extraordinary jobs! 

Public lectures from 2023

ChatGPT and other AI assistants: Possibilities and challenges

Technological developments in the area of language models and generative AI have been fast, leading to reactions. Many people are wondering which way developments are going and what consequences this will have for society. In a 15-minute talk, Professor Marco Kuhlmann covers the basics of how language models such as ChatGPT work, gives examples of their applications and highlights various technological, social and environmental challenges linked to AI assistants.

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Agricultural vulnerability to climate change

Climate change is not in the future – it is happening already. Lotten Wiréhn‘s 15-minute presentation provides an insight into how food production is impacted by a warmer climate and more frequently occurring extreme weather. Her research area is how climate information can be made more useful in underpinning decisions on adaptations in agriculture.

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Internet drugs – occurrence, pharmacology and classification as narcotic drugs

How dangerous are internet drugs really and how do they spread in society? Henrik Gréen, professor of forensic sciences, talks about the never-ending influx of new drugs, and about how his and others‘ research makes a difference in getting drugs classed as narcotic drugs and protecting lives.
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