Linköping University wants to give you an official welcome as a student at LiU and have put together a programme aimed at making your transition here as smooth and informative as possible. Remember to check the information about your programme's mandatory roll call!

Welcome to LiU package

Before you arrive we would like you to take part in a digital welcome package with information related to your studies and also to stay in Sweden. You will find information about e.g the University Library, banking, insurance and much more. This package will contain important practical information for your studies. See the information below.

Programme specifics 

Each programme has specific orientation information you need to know about your programme and starting your studies.

Mandatory roll call & first day of class

When you start a new degree programme at LiU you must attend the mandatory roll call in person. If failing to attend you will lose your place in the programme. See your programme admitted web page for details and contact information regarding your programme.

You can find your programme admitted web page via the Admitted Student Web:

Welcome package: Part one

Info Centre

The Info Centre is located on the ground floor in Studenthuset on Campus Valla, Växthuset on Campus US and in Kåkenhus on Campus Norrköping. The Info Centre staff will help you with study administrative matters such as:

  • LiU-ID (obtain LiU-ID, reset password, deleted LiU-ID)
  • LiU-card (pick up LiU-card, change PIN, block a lost LiU-card)
  • E-service cards (for students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
  • Problems with registration in Lisam
  • Help to find your way on campus
  • Confirmation of Enrolment and Transcripts of Records
  • Sales of course material (only on Campus Norrköping)

You can contact them anytime with questions relating to your studies or LiU.
Read more: Info Centre

LiU-ID and LiU-card

As an LiU student, you get access to a user-id called LiU-ID and a personal access card called LiU-card. 
Your LiU-ID is the username that you will use to access our digital services. When you have received your notification of the selection result you can access to obtain your LiU-ID by following the instructions.

The LiU-card has the following functions:

  • Access card
  • Campus Library card
  • Copy/print card
  • Bus card on the Campus bus
  • Electronic identification for internal use at LiU
  • Membership card at Campushallen, Campus Valla

How to get your LiU-ID and LiU-card

  • Obtain your LiU-ID at Info Centre. Bring a valid photo ID.  (If you are a citizen of a country within the European Union: a passport, national ID card or driving license will do. If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union: only a passport will do.)
  • Upload an image in MinIT  by following the instructions under "My profile" in MinIT.
  • Pick up your LiU-card at Info Centre. Bring a valid photo ID.  (If you are a citizen of a country within the European Union: a passport, national ID card or driving license will do. If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union: only a passport will do.) 
  • Link your LiU-card to the print function in order to be able to use the printers at LiU.

Study administration

In this section, you will find important information regarding the start of your studies and other study administrative matters.

Programme/degree student

Mandatory roll call for programme students

When you start a new degree programme at LiU, you must attend the mandatory roll call. If you are unable to attend, you will lose your place on the programme. You will find more information about the roll call further down on this page and on your admitted page for your programme. 

Conditionally admitted

If you are conditionally admitted to an international degree programme you need to upload your documentation, diplomas and transcripts for each semester included in your degree, online at before you apply for your LiU master degree, or your studies will be discontinued. In some cases, provisional diplomas are accepted. If you have Swedish merits – these will be checked automatically.

Exchange students

You are all admitted to different courses at different faculties. You have been contacted by your faculty, please follow their instructions regarding the start of your studies. If you have been invited to a faculty introduction, please make sure that you attend.

Learning Agreements for exchange students

All Erasmus+ and Nordplus students must have a Learning Agreement. If your home university has not prepared one for your studies at LiU, please contact your home coordinator at your home university. Students coming to LiU under a bilateral agreement should consult with their home university about the required documentation.
Please note that it is your faculty coordinator/academic coordinator who signs your Learning Agreement at LiU.

Certificate of Arrival for exchange students

A Certificate of Arrival is a document stating the start and end of your exchange studies at LiU and is often requested by the sending university (mainly by European universities). Your Certificate of Arrival can be signed by either the International Office or your faculty coordinator.

Opening hours for the International Office (please be aware that you need to provide a hard copy for the International Office to sign):
Linköping: Every second Tuesday from 12:00 - 13:00, Studenthuset, Campus Valla.
Norrköping: The first Thursday of every month from 12:00 - 13:00. Note: In March it has been moved to March 14.

Lisam - your digital course room and student portal


When you have obtained your LiU-ID, you can log in to Lisam, which is LiU's learning platform built on Microsoft Office 365. This is where you find your student email, the digital course room and collaboration forums, personal file storage, calendar and more. Here you will also find the Student Portal, where you can, among other things, register and sign up for exams. Note: You can access Lisam as soon as you have been admitted, but certain functions will not be available until you have registered, but it is good to get familiar with the system before your classes start.
Go to Lisam.


Search your timetables in the timetable database. In the LiU app there is also a function that helps you create a schedule subscription.

Need help with your academic English?

The Academic English Support is open to all students at Linköping University and is available at all three campuses (Linköping/Valla, Linköping/US, and Norrköping). Improve your English language skills and become more confident about using English for academic purposes. If you are working on a take-home exam, an essay, a thesis, and so forth. You may contact them for help and advice on how to improve your text. You can also receive feedback and advice regarding oral presentations.
Contact Academic English Support to book an appointment.

LiU's Library

If you would like to find course literature or other kinds of literature, you should make your way to one of our campus libraries. You can also go to the library website to see if a particular book is available, order books, arrange to borrow the book from another library and so forth. It is possible to book a librarian, who can help you find the suitable literature for certain subjects. This is free of charge and applies to all campus libraries. They can also introduce you to online resources such as Wordfinder.
In the libraries on LiU's campuses you can find individual study places. For peace and quiet, use one of the silent reading rooms. If you are working together with others, there are group study spaces and bookable group study rooms.

Read more: LiU Library

The LiU Student Health Care Centre

Moving to a new country is not easy and can feel both lonely and stressful. The Student Health Care Center is available to all students and offers advice and support when you have physical or mental health issues. Students who require support due to various disabilities are advised to contact the coordinator for students with disabilities at the University. Each university and higher education institution offer educational support to students with disabilities. The assessment of support that may be required is made individually, taking into account the student’s abilities and disabilities in relation to the curriculum of the studies chosen.

The special-needs students are entitled to the following services:

  • Support with note-taking by a fellow student.
  • Talking books.
  • Extra time during examination.
  • Alternative examination forms decided by the examiner.

Equal opportunities for all

LiU welcomes all students, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or philosophy of life, disability, transgender identity or expression, or social background. LiU continuously work within the areas of equality, equal opportunities and equal treatment. Equality meaning that everyone with an interest in, and the ability to undertake, academic studies should have the same opportunities for studies and research. LiU expect that all students and staff act according to LiU's values on this matter.

Read mor: Equal opportunities


Please make sure that you have sufficient insurance while studying in Sweden.
All students in Sweden are covered by personal injury insurance (the general student insurance) that is obtained on behalf of universities and colleges within the State insurance system by the Central Student Grants Committee. The insurance applies in Sweden during school hours and during travel to and from the location where school hours are spent.
Students from EU/EEA: apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in your home country before you move.

Read more: Insurance at LiU

Register in Sweden if you are staying longer than one year

When registered with the Swedish Migration Agency, or when you have a residence permit valid for a year or longer, you are generally required to be registered in the Swedish population register. When you have been registered you will be given a Swedish personal identity number. To be registered in the Swedish population register you need to notify the Swedish Tax Agency that you have moved to Sweden. This can be done by visiting one of their service offices.
Linköping (only in Swedish)
Norrköping (only in Swedish)

Prepare for your visit at the service office

To ensure that your visit to the service office goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible, you should use the moving to Sweden service before your visit. In this service you go through several steps, and you will get information about all the required documents you need to bring to the office depending on your citizenship or if you move with or move in with a family member.
When you are registered in the Swedish population register you will receive a Swedish personal identity number.
Read more: Moving to Sweden service 

ID card

It is recommended that you apply for an ID card when you received your personal identity number. The ID card can be used to identify yourself and to receive medical care. The ID card is issued by the Swedish Tax Agency, and you apply at the service office. You have the opportunity to book a meeting online.
Read more: Book a meeting online


Staying in Sweden for a shorter period

If you only plan to stay Sweden for a few months Swedish banks may be hesitant to open a bank account. It might be easier to use your bank account and bank card from your home country, preferably a Master or Visa card. This may result in currency exchange charges for transactions made in Sweden. You can withdraw cash in all ATM's and make your purchases with the bank card.

Another alternative is a neobank that provides online banking services through a partnership with an established bank. Neobanks are virtual banks and offer complete banking services via digital platforms like mobile applications. If you do not have a Swedish personal identity number, you still have the opportunity to apply for a neobank account and receive a bank card, some without a fee. Before you apply, make sure the neobank offers payment solutions that allow you to pay your bills in Sweden.

Staying in Sweden for a longer period

If you will stay for a longer period, you are legally allowed to open a bank account in Sweden. Banks cannot demand you have a Swedish personal identity number or a coordination number to open a bank account. You can choose between online and physical banks. Customers without a personal identity number are offered an account with limited features such as:
• Bank account.
• Online banking with payment service.
• Electronic bank card.

Due to strict regulations, it can take some effort to open a bank account in Sweden. You should make sure you bring an international bank card to be able to cover your expenses. Banks are by law required to check identities of customers and must make sure there is no suspicion of money laundering, bribery, or other financial crimes. The bank will ask several questions to find out if you are a secure customer. Some questions might seem unnecessary and private, but it is very important that you answer all questions truthfully.
Each Swedish bank set their own routines and rules for opening an account and you can prepare by reading on their webpage what documents they request.
To open an account, the following must normally be provided:

  • A valid passport.
  • Employment contract, acceptance letter or certificate of studies. Documents must contain information about intended stay.
  • Your Swedish work permit or Swedish residence permit.
  • Proof of residence such as rental agreement, electric bill, or a C/O address. 

Staying in Sweden for one year or longer

If you plan to stay longer than a year, you can get access to features such as BankID, which makes it possible for you to sign transactions and documents digitally instead of signing and sending documents. Your personal identity number and Swedish ID must be ready before you can apply for a full account. You organise this in person at a bank branch, since 1 October 2021 it is no longer possible to apply for a BankID at an online bank with a non-national ID or passport.

Available banks with branch offices in Linköping and Norrköping

If the bank denies you to hand in an application or open a bank account

If a bank refuses you to hand in an application because you do not have a personal identification number or coordination number or denies you a bank account, contact the complaints department of the bank. It is within your rights to have the refusal reassessed. You should receive written information about where you can file a complaint and how you can get it legally evaluated, by the National Board of Consumer Complaints.
Read more: National Board for Con­sumer Disputes (ARN) - Swedish consumer laws.

Leaving Sweden

Before you leave Sweden, remember to cancel your bank account. Contact your bank to make an agreement about the closing date and to plan the final transactions. Banks are not allowed to close bank accounts with money and want to avoid small amounts of money left in your account. It might also be difficult to get access to the money if you do not have BankID and cannot visit the bank in person.

How to pay rent and bills

Rent in Sweden is usually paid once a month, in advance for the month to come. If you pay your invoices by an international transaction, make sure to add about a week for the payment to come through. It is important to pay your rent on time to fulfil your part of the contract. If you have a Swedish bank account, you can pay your bills via internet banking or mobile apps.

Welcome package: part two

The second part of your introduction is a physical event arranged by LiU.

Welcome to LiU event

Date and time:
15 August 2024 08:15 - 10:00 CET
30 August 12:15 - 14:00 CET
Location: C-Building, in lecture theatre C1

Welcome Fair

Date and time:
15 August 2024 10:00 - 12:00 CET
30 August 14:00 - 16:00 CET
Location: Colosseum, C-Building

NOTE! You will also have a faculty introduction with faculty-specific information - information about this will be sent out by your respective faculty.

When should I plan to arrive?

Students queuing to get help at the Infocenter's information desk in Studenthuset on Campus Valla in Linköping.
Magnus Johansson

Arriving in Sweden

It is strongly recommended that all students arrive on one of LiU’s official Arrival Days so the International Office can welcome you. On official Arrival Days, the International Office has extended opening hours from 11:00 - 20:00 in Studenthuset on Campus Valla, Linköping. On official Arrival Days, a shuttle service is also provided to help new students get to campus easily. If you decide to arrive outside our official Arrival Days International Office will be open Monday to Friday from 09.00 – 16.00.

Arrival Days for August 2024 are:

  • 1 August
  • 13 August
  • 27 August

Arriving at LiU


Free shuttle

On the official Arrival Days listed above, LiU provides a free shuttle bus from Linköping City Airport and the Linköping central train station direct to Campus Valla.

You will also receive free transport from Campus Valla to your accommodation.


First stop on campus

If you will study in Linköping, your first stop should be the International Office (IO) for registration. The IO is located in Studenthuset on Campus Valla. Even if you will attend classes at the University Hospital Campus you should come to Campus Valla for registration.


If you will study in Norrköping, you can visit the Info Centre in Kåkenhus from 08.00-16.00 to be welcomed and register your arrival.

Norrköping students are also always welcome to access services on Campus Valla in Linköping.

What faculty does my programme belong to?

Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Applied Ethology and Animal Biology
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Communication Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Design
  • Ecology and Sustainable Development
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics
  • Materials Physics for Nano and Quantum Technology

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Protein Science

  • Sustainability Engineering and Management

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine (BSc)
  • Experimental and Medical Biosciences

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

  • Ageing and Social Change
  • Applied Ethics
  • Business Administration – Strategy and Management in International Organisations
  • Child Studies
  • Computational Social Science
  • Ethnic and Migration Studies
  • Gender Studies – Intersectionality and Change
  • International and European Relations
  • Science for Sustainable Development
  • Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Strategic Urban and Regional Planning

Faculty of Educational Sciences

  •  Adult Learning and Global Change
  • Outdoor and Sustainability Education

Social events & activities

For programme and exchange students