Arriving & Information Day

Your faculty hosts an Information Day and Welcome Fair before your classes kick-off and you attend Sweden's mandatory roll-call. Find out more about what is involved, what faculty your programme belongs to and when we suggest you arrive. 

Information Days (pre recorded for 2020)

The Information Days for Autumn 2020 has been recorded and produced in a digital format in advance due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Please check your programme admitted pages for information and to view the presentation as it contains important practical information for your studies.

The Information Days are intended to welcome master's degree students to Linköping University and provide practical information about your studies and your facility at LiU. How the days are run and what activities are planned can differ depending on which faculty you belong to, but you can count on receiving important information and handouts regarding your studies and other practical issues.

Welcome Fair

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Welcome Fair in August 2020 has been cancelled.

After your Information Day you are invited to attend the Welcome Fair, where new international students are invited to get to know the support and services LiU offers, such as the Library, Student Health Services, the International Office, etc. You can meet representatives from some of the student association and the student unions. There will also be companies and organisations of interest to new students represented at the fair.

Welcome fair is very social and festive, with time to mingle and to try Swedish "fika" (the Swedish tradition of having coffee/tea and snack break).

Programme specifics 

Each programme has specific orientation information you need to know about your programme and starting your studies.

Mandatory roll call & first day of class

When you start a new master’s programme at Linköping University you must attend the compulsory roll call for your programme. If you are unable to attend, you must inform your Faculty coordinator in advance - otherwise, you will lose your place on your programme. See your programme admitted web page for details. 

You can find your programme admitted web page via the drop-down menu on the Admitted Student Web:

LiU looks forward to welcoming you to our campuses and helping you settle into a new life in Sweden!


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Arriving in Sweden

It is strongly recommended that all students arrive on one of LiU’s official arrival days so that our International Office team can welcome you. On our official arrival days, the International Office has extended opening hours from 11:00 until 20:00, in Studenthuset on Campus Valla - Linköping. We also provide a shuttle service to help new international students get to Campus Valla easily.

Arrival days 2020

10-11 August: Recommended arrival days for students studying at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Educational Sciences and Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.
19, 24 or 25 August: Recommended arrival days for students studying at the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

If you decide to arrive outside our official Arrival Days International Office will be open 09.00 – 16.30, Monday to Friday on Campus Valla.

Arriving at LiU & accommodation via LiU

Free shuttle

On the official arrival days listed above, LiU provides a free shuttle bus from Linköping City Airport and the Linköping central train station direct to Campus Valla.

You will also receive free transport from Campus Valla to your accommodation.

First stop on campus
If you will study in Linköping, your first stop should be the International Office (IO) for registration. The IO is located in Studenthuset on Campus Valla. Even if you will attend classes at the University Hospital Campus you should come to Campus Valla for registration.

If you will study in Norrköping, you can visit the IO in Kåkenhus, room 2342 on Campus Norrköping on Fridays from 10.00 – 14.00 (from Friday the 14 August onwards). Otherwise, you can also be welcomed and register with LiU's Info Centre which is open weekdays from 08.00 – 16.30.

Norrköping students are also always welcome to access services on Campus Valla in Linköping.
Keys for accommodation organised by LiU

Students studying in Linköping, who have received accommodation via LiU, can pick up the keys at Info Centre on Campus Valla. Info Centre is open weekdays 08.00 – 16.30 (during Arrival Days until 20.00).

If you arrive outside office hours, you will have to arrange for accommodation at a hotel or youth hostel for the first night/nights. If you arrive on a Saturday or Sunday you cannot pick up your key until Monday morning.

Students studying in Norrköping will receive detailed information about key pick up via email before arrival.

LiU Accommodation

If you have accommodation arranged through LiU you are probably curious to know what it looks like and how all practicalities surrounding your accommodation work. This film will guide you through the various aspects of student accommodation offered to you as an international LiU student.

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Faculty of Engineering and Science

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Applied Ethology and Animal Biology
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Communication Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Design
  • Ecology and the Environment
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics
  • Materials Science and Nanotechnology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Sustainability Engineering and Management





Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine (BSc)
  • Experimental and Medical Biosciences

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

  • Applied Ethics
  • Business Administration – Strategy and Management in International Organisations
  • Child Studies
  • Computational Social Science
  • Ethnic and Migration Studies
  • Gender Studies – Intersectionality and Change
  • International and European Relations
  • Science for Sustainable Development
  • Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Strategic Urban and Regional Planning

Faculty of Educational Science

  • Outdoor and Sustainability Education
  • Adult Learning and Global Change

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