CMIV offers a doctoral program with both medical and technological entries. A basic principle for our doctoral program is the close connection between different disciplines. Our doctoral students have a main supervisor from his/her own area of expertise and an assistant supervisor from another field.

Admission Requirements

To join the CMIV research school the PhD student needs to be accepted to a university doctoral program and one of the active supervisors should to be a CMIV researcher. 

How to Apply

To apply for the CMIV research school the PhD student or supervisor fills in the form below and sends it to:

The application will be reviewed by the scientific council at their next meeting, the director of studies can however give an preliminary decision beforehand if the form is correctly filled in.

Application form CMIV research school

If the research project that the PhD student is working on is not yet a CMIV project a project application is turned in to the scientific council at the same time.

Application form research project:

CMIV MR project ver.9

CMIV CT project ver. 2

Director of Studies