The Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY) at Linköping University is an exciting place for research and education in the field of electrical engineering. Here, a dynamic environment is provided with seven research areas and four undergraduate education areas, where collaboration and large industrial partnerships are at the core.

Since its establishment in 1969, the department has actively contributed to the technological advancement of society and the emergence of several successful companies. Our research has also impacted the established industry through our many doctoral graduates who are now active within it.

We take pride in our former students actively utilizing the skills and knowledge they acquired with us to introduce new and innovative methods within their fields of work. This is a direct result of our focus on collaboration between education, research, and industrial partnerships.

ISY is home to nearly 200 dedicated employees across eight departments. We are also pleased to offer courses to over 3,000 students annually, demonstrating the extensive influence and diversity that characterize our operations.

Whether you are a researcher, doctoral student, technical, or administrative staff, we welcome you to be part of our dynamic and innovative community where you can make a difference and contribute to shaping the future of technological development.

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Linköping University
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Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL)

Welcome to the Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL), part of the Department of Electrical engineering at Linköping University.

Computer Engineering (DA)

The division of Computer Engineering performs teaching and research on processor architectures and logic design. That includes digital logic, different kinds of processors, multiple processors, and system on chip integration.

Atila Alvandpour

Integrated Circuits and Systems (EKS)

We are the group that conducts research and provide education on efficient Integrated Circuits and Systems at the department of Electrical Engineering, Linköping University.

Picture inside from the Vehicle Lab

Vehicular Systems (FS)

The research in Vehicular Systems has a clear focus on control, diagnosis, and supervision of functions in vehicles.

Testuppställning för undervisning i kvantkryptering

Information Coding (ICG)

Representation of information in technical and biological systems.

AI-generated image describing the research at Communication systems.

Communication Systems (KS)

The Division of Communication Systems conducts research and education in communications engineering, statistical signal processing and network science.

Automatic Control (RT)

The activities include problems in sensor fusion, system identification, robotics/autonomous systems, optimization for control applications and complex networks. They aim at a good balance between theoretical developments and industrial applications.

Administrative management (VS)

The division of Administrative and Academic Support aim to give administrative and technical support to co-workers, students and visitors support and service to contribute to an excellent and attractive academic environment.

Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY)

At ISY, we conduct research and education in the field of Electrical Engineering. A strong emphasis is placed on research- and industrial collaborations.