Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL)

Welcome to the Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL), part of the Department of Electrical engineering at Linköping University.

Autonoma system datorseendePhoto: Göran BillesonThe research at the Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL) covers a wide range of topics within machine learning for computer vision and robot perception:

  • Continuous-time modeling of 3D motion
  • Estimation of pose and 3D structure
  • Few-shot and weakly supervised learning
  • Geometric deep learning
  • Human and animal motion analysis
  • Medical imaging
  • Quantum machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Remote sensing
  • Semi- supervised and incremental learning
  • Scene flow estimation
  • Uncertainty representation
  • Video and semantic segmentation
  • Vision for action

CVL's research has a strong focus on theory and methods, which are applied in application domains where technical systems are supposed to coexist with – and therefore predict actions of – humans, e.g. regarding self-driving cars sharing road space and interacting with humans. Other addressed application domains are monitoring of greenhouse gases, sustainable forestry, and monitoring of animals on the individual level.


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