Tema Genus is a creative and dynamic environment since 1999 engaged in interdisciplinary research and graduate education. Tema Genus is at present situated in an expansionary phase, our researchers, teachers and graduate students come from around the world: Istanbul, London, Berlin, Prague, Teheran and Linköping. We collaborate with researchers from Cape Town and Luleå.
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Rainbow leopard graffiti av Linni, licens CC BY 2.0. Cropped version.

Master Programme

Single Subject Courses in Gender Studies

Ground level

Master's level

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Gender, Labour, and Social Reproduction, 7.5 credits

Do you want to deepen your understanding of how gender and social factors influence labour market conditions and societal structures? This course offers you the opportunity to critically analyse these issues.

Feminist Pedagogy and Intersectional Gender Didactics, 7.5 credits

This course is designed for students who want to increase their knowledge of feminist and intersectional pedagogical theories and didactics, including norm critical theories, emphatic reading and transversal dialogues, with a special focus on inte...

Plastic pollution and juvenile fish

Feminist Enviromental Humanities, 7.5 credits

How are socio-cultural discourses connected to environmental issues? What is the relation between nature and culture? What are the linkages between social and environmental justice? In this course, you'll explore the intersections of environmental...

Norm Creative perspectives on Design, Power, and Change, 6 credits

Decolonial Feminist Thought, Activism, and Art, 7.5 credits

Decolonization has presently turned into a new global trend. It involves not only the struggles of indigenous and colonized people and minorities for their survival, rights and autonomies, but also the students` and professors` fights for decoloni...

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Queer Studies: Subjects, Bodies, Ecologies, 7.5 credits

This course will provide you with an introduction to queer studies: an interdisciplinary field that critically examines and challenges normative and binary understandings of gender, sex, and sexuality, as well as hierarchies, social inequalities, ...