Research on B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), the most frequent leukemia in western world

Copyright Lennart Nilsson, Cellmaterial Anders Rosén Foto: Copyright Lennart Nilsson, cell material Anders Rosén

We are investigating novel signalling pathways and the influence of redox-regulation in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). 

Our research team is exploring the phenomena of anergy (immunological unresponsiveness) upon exposure of microbial and self-antigens, as well as synergy (microenvironmental support) in the leukemogenesis of CLL.

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We collaborate with several groups including:

  • Prof Richard Rosenquist, Uppsala
  • Prof Kostas Stamatopoulos, Greece
  • Prof Sohvi Hörkkö, Finland
  • Prof Giannis Spyrou, LiU
  • Prof Mårten Segelmark, LiU
  • Prof Mikael Lindgren, LiU
  • Ass. Prof. Anette Gjörloff


  • Board member of Swedish CLL group
  • Reviewer for Swedish Cancer Society
  • PhD thesis evaluation committees
  • PhD thesis opponent
  • Reviewer for International Hematology Journals 
  • PhD tutor


Teaching program: PhD scientific literature courses – journal club

Discovery of the year 2009, awarded by the Swedish Cancer Association

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