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Bettina Carlsson

-, Head of Unit

I work to develop the HR procedures used at Linköping University, where I have excellent support from all employees, managers and leaders. It is important for me that the employees fare well, and have the conditions required to fulfil their duties.

To develop sustainable leadership

As head of human resources, my task is to develop and create quality in the HR procedures used at LiU. It is important for me to create the conditions required for the organisation to be an attractive employer, and to ensure the supply of expertise by making it easy for managers to lead with sustainable leadership.

Linköping University is to be a workplace at which employees perform excellently, develop continuously, and fare well. In my role as head of human resources, I strive to lead and support people to allow them to grow and contribute to the development of operations and the objectives of the organisation. With a basis in my expertise, I also work actively with development and projects within such topics as organisational and leadership development, and I function as process support at the levels of individuals, groups, and the organisation.

As manager of the Human Resources Unit, I have employer responsibility for the HR partners employed in the unit, where our task is to provide proactive support relevant to operations for managers. I work to create participation and to secure expertise within the unit, where my goal is to bring out the best from each employee. My field of responsibility as head of unit includes also to create a positive work environment, set up objectives, draw up operational plans, and follow up and analyse the results and effects in operation.

Curious about LiU?

People with drive and commitment will find great opportunities for development at Linköping University, both as a person and in professional expertise. We offer, for example, tailored skills development for those who aspire to improve as manager or leader. We look forward to receiving your application for employment.

Duties and networks

Collaboration forums

  • Human Resources Division management group
  • HR partners at LiU
  • Coordinator for manager/leadership development


  • Process and change leader for Gestaltakademin i Scandinavia
  • Managers/leaders from different industries/sectors, Linköping (steering group)
  • 100-listan/active board members, Östsvenska handelskammaren (Chamber of Commerce of East Sweden)
  • SSE Executive Education, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Human resources, management network, Linköping
  • ITHAKA, regional management network, Östergötland

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