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Online coaching for school students by future mathematics teachers

As Manager of Maths Coach Online in Linköping (Linköping University), I am responsible for operating and developing this activity in the region as well as nationally in Sweden. The purpose of Maths Coach Online is to provide qualified help to primary and secondary school pupils, develop our future mathematics teachers, and conduct research on internet learning.

My job consists of recruiting and training coaches, marketing the service to students and teachers through school visits and meetings, and coordinating collaboration with the other nodes in Stockholm (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Gothenburg (University of Gothenburg) and Birmingham (Aston University).

I also teach mathematics at the Department of Mathematics at Linköping University.

Professional activities


  • Foundation Course in Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Calculus in one variable, and Calculus in several variables (engineering programmes at master level)
  • Discrete Mathematics (engineering programmes, and Information Systems Analysis, at bachelor level)
  • Geometry, and Statistics (Secondary School Teacher Programme)

Other professional activities

  • Board member at the Department of Mathematics
  • Subject representative for mathematics within the Primary School Teacher Programme with a specialisation in Teaching in Early Years Classes and Grades 1-3 and Primary School Teacher Programme with a specialization in Teaching in Grades 4-6, respectively

Maths Coach Online


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Daniel Carlsson (2019)