Administratorin the HFN network and administrative resource with a wide range of tasks

As administrator and co-ordinator, I have worked both with the practical administration of education, and with the development and co-ordination of administrative support.

I am currently working as an administrator in the network Human Factors in Sweden (HFN) and I am part of the group responsible for planning and organizing activities for and with the members of the network. The aim of the network activities is to develop and distribute knowledge in the broad area of Human Factors by letting people from many different practices meet and learn from each other in webinars, workshops, courses, and conferences.

If time allows, I receive tasks from all divisions in the department.

Contact me for help with:

  • extracting statistics of courses and programmes
  • summarising statistics and information
  • coordinating small tasks or projects
  • proof-reading texts
  • the administration of mail distribution, or
  • anything else that does not fit neatly into the ordinary administration in your division.

Unit for Education and Research at IEI