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Henrik Lindqvist

Senior Associate Professor, Head of Division

My research focuses on challenging situations in teacher education and beginning to teach. Other research interests include special education.

To cope with challenging situations in teacher education and when starting to teach

My research focuses on challenging situations in teacher education and beginning to teach. Other research interests include special education.

I work in a research project in cooperation with Karolinska Institutet that focuses on both student teachers and medical students’ perspectives on challenging situations in their professional education. In the research group we also work with a project focusing on field training of teacher education and medical education. My other research interests include special education.

The research project of perceived challenging situations for student teachers and medical students is divided into three parts. The first part of the research project used focus groups to construct a grounded theory. The students were in the middle and final stages of their education. The second part was a survey study and the third part involved students writing diaries during their final year of education and their first year working as a professional teacher. To be able to handle complicated and challenging situations is important when working as a teacher. Ways to cope with challenging situations are affected by feelings of vulnerability and inadequacy. These feelings and learning to handle situations have been the overarching aim of our studies.

I also work with a research project focusing on supervision of student teachers during filed training. The project uses a mixed methods design, and involved focus groups, longitudinal interviews and surveys with supervising teachers. Previous studies have shown challenging situations to mostly occur during field training. In addition, my research interests concern special education. In several projects we study extra adjustments, paraprofessionals as well as motivation to study to become a special educator.

As a special education needs coordinator I have experience of working with organizational aspects of support for students in need of support. I have also worked in special education groups with challenging students in need of support. Today, most of my teaching focuses special education, both in education for special educators and in courses with special needs content.




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