Photo of Jenny Hagenblad

Jenny Hagenblad

Senior Associate Professor

My main scientific interest lies in analysing genetic data with evolutionary and population genetic methods to learn more about the evolutionary history of species.

As my study system I use crop plants. Not only are crop plants of utmost importance to human sustenance, they have also experienced very rapid evolution since the time of their domestication.

 bild på Jenny HagenbladIn my research I want to track the spread of crop plants from their origin of domestication, learn more about historical seed exchange, and understand how crop plants have adapted to the climate change they have been experienced as agriculture has spread the crops to novel environments.

Before coming to Linköping University I did my PhD at the Department of genetics at Lund University, followed by postdocs at Edinburgh University and Uppsala University. I have also held an Assistant Professorship at Uppsala University and an Associate Professorship at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim. During this time I also worked with various research questions in Arabidopsis thaliana, Arabidopsis lyrata and the Scandinavian wolf population.


I teach subjects close to my research interests. I am the main teacher and examiner on the courses in Genetics and Evolution to Biology and Chemical Biology students, teacher students with a Biology profile and the students on the Biotechnology profile of the Industrial Economy programme. In addition, I give lectures in Population Genetics and Molecular Genetics in other courses.


Chevalier Barley.

Celebrated barley came from a single plant

The 200-year-old malting barley variety 'Chevalier' was for a long time world-leading in beer brewing and is thought to have originated from a single plant. Researchers have investigated this claim in a new study.

close-up barley on field.

Historical seeds reveal unique barley grown in the Storsjö district

Differences in long-distance trade can have significant effects on genetic diversity in agriculture. A study of 120-year-old seed samples from Jämtland shows that unique local varieties can develop when seed exchange instead takes place locally.

Biology in the sunshine

Students move outside to minimize the risk of spreading Corona.


Full list of publications available through ResearchGate and Google Scholar.

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