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Research Projects

• Schools as an arena for knowledge-building in Technology - the needs and demands of society and how schools can meet them, 2006-2010, Thomas Ginner, Jan-Erik Hagberg & Jonas Hallström.

• To hold one's territory: Teacher associations and the struggle to define the school curriculum, 2006-2010, Mats Sjöberg, Bengt-Göran Martinsson & Jonas Hallström.


  • Technology Education for pre-service and in-service pre-school, primary and secondary teachers
  • Pedagogics (allmändidaktik) for pre-service primary and secondary teachers
  • Supervision and examination of various essays and theses in pre-service teacher programmes 
  • Various Ph.D. courses in science and technology education


Research director at TESER – Technology and Science Education Research

Responsible for research and development at CETIS – Centre for school technology education

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