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Neda Haj Hosseini

Associate Professor, Docent

I am an associate professor in biomedical engineering at the Department of Biomedical Engineering (IMT). My research focus is on innovative multimodal engineering solutions for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Beating Cancer: Innovative Engineering Solutions for Cancer and Oncology Diagnostics and Treatment

The burden of cancer can be reduced by prevention, early detection and appropriate treatment with innovative technologies playing a major role in the procedures. Most of the techniques, however, require trained clinical specialists for interpretation and diagnosis that can be an obstacle for implementation on a large scale. The ongoing artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has tackled previously unsolvable analytic tasks and enabled automatic data interpretation that could address this challenge.


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Barncancerfonden stödjer ny medicinsk teknik som kan ge bättre diagnos och effektivare behandling | Barncancerfonden

Joanna Cocozzas stiftelse 2022

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