Photo of Ola Uhrqvist

Ola Uhrqvist

Associate Professor

Research Interests

The core of my research interest lies in learning, knowledge, power, and values related to the major societal changes we are facing. Climate change, biodiversity are well-known challenges, but our ability to address them wisely and justly is rooted in people's capacity to understand themselves as parts of complex systems where nature and society must collaborate to create opportunities for good lives.
Learning and Education for Sustainable Development in various forms constitute the main focus of my research. In the interdisciplinary projects "Switching the Current" and "Melting the Polarization," I explore how large-scale serious games, megagames, can be used as a didactic tool to contribute to a greater ability to think and act wisely together with others in complex systems. Central here is also the question of how such games can contribute to making marginalized perspectives visible and thereby broaden the public discourse on sustainable societal transformation.

A related research interest is how sustainability stories can be used to strengthen the ability to understand places and phenomena from a holistic perspective that contribute to action competence. In the research project "The World Needs a New Story," we followed preschools sustainability education based on the creation of stories.


I primarily teach on the international master's program in outdoor and sustainability education but also in didactics, scientific work, and school development. However, my main interest lies in sustainability education in various forms.



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