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Sara Strömberg

Head of Unit, Senior Research Coordinator

Head of Unit, Senior Research Coordinator

Head of Program Office

The Program Office offers coordination support in major research initiatives at Linköping University, including Sweden's largest individual research program Wallenberg AI, the Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) and TAILOR, a network of excellent research centers that focus on the scientific foundations of reliable artificial intelligence. The Program Office works in close collaboration with Grants Office and together we offer coordination support for extensive research initiatives led by researchers at LiU, both national initiatives and projects within the EU Framework program.

In my work as research coordinator, I assist researchers at LiU in matters concerning external research funding, from identifying suitable funding opportunities, providing support during the application process and as project coordinator in granted research projects led by Linköping University.

I have been working at Grants Office since March 2010 and I have a PhD in Medicine from Uppsala University.

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