Studying the preconditions for just transitions

My research interests concern environmental politics and the preconditions for just transitions locally and globally. Based on qualitative methods and inspired by discourse analytical approaches as well as ideas about future making, I study how the preconditions for transition are perceived and made, both in Sweden and internationally.

The preconditions for climate adaptation and transition vary significantly depending on context, both between and within countries, depending on for example geographical location, socioeconomic conditions, political systems and adaptation capacities. In our current project I study how Sweden can make the fossil free transformation inclusive and just. The study focuses on cities that depend on fossil-intensive industries and infrastructures for local employment and tax revenues and examines how the fossil-free society is imagined by local actors and imbricated in the (re)making of subjects, places, and conditions of life. My focus is on future making, tracing what actions and solutions that municipal and corporate actors see as enabling progression towards a fossil free future.

Through text analysis and interviews, I also study how the relationship between research and (sustainable) development is portrayed and shaped within foreign aid, highlighting the nexus between foreign policy and science policy. In addition to this, I am interested in environment and climate aid and have studied how climate and security is integrated in Swedish development cooperation.




My teaching is concentrated to the Environmental Science Program and the MSc in Science for Sustainable Development. I have experience of course leadership of both large (30hp) and smaller courses (7.5hp). Some of the topics that I have experience of and do teaching within:

  • Methods: text analysis and interview methodology
  • Gender, environment and climate
  • Research ethics
  • Theories of science
  • Colonialisms, science and sustainable development
  • Foreign aid, environment and climate
  • Supervision of student theses



  • 2014
    PhD in technology and social change, Linköping University

  • 2005
    MA in Science, Technology and Society, Linköping University

  • 2001
    BA in Politics and International Relations, University of New South Wales, Australia


  • LiU:s evaluation group for Minor Field Studies (MFS)
  • LiU:s working group, sustainable development in undergraduate education
  • Reference group for LiU:s strategic work with countries in Africa