02 September 2021

Linköping University has made rapid progress upwards in global rankings. A newly published global list has LiU in place 283 – more than 100 places higher than in the list published last year.

Two LiU-flags with a blue sky as background.
Anna Nilsen

The recently published ranking is from British Times Higher Education, and is considered to be one of the most significant global lists. The assessment covers both research and education, and LiU has progressed in all fields. Some parameters are particularly noteworthy – LiU researchers have a high volume of publications in scholarly journals, and are often cited by researchers all over the world. Another clear result is that LiU scores highly when it comes to collaboration with the business world.

This is the second time in a short period that LiU has taken a major jump upwards in the ranking lists. The previous occasion was in the QS World University Rankings, the second of the three predominant global ranking lists.

Photo credit Charlotte Perhammar“It’s just great that we can again delight in rapid progress upwards in the global ranking of universities. Ideas about the value of such ranking lists differ, of course, and it’s clear that they do not give the full picture. But they’re here to stay, and are extremely significant internationally, not least among potential students and young researchers. Two of the most prestigious ranking lists have independently and in a short period shown that what we achieve in research and education is of high quality, and attracts attention around the world,” comments Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson.

American universities dominate the list, with eight of the top ten places. But the top place is taken by Oxford University in the UK, followed by three American institutions: California Institute of Technology, Harvard and Stanford. Karolinska Institutet is the highest ranked Swedish institution of higher education, at place 39.

More than 20,000 institutions of higher education exist around the world. For several years now, LiU has been among the top 2% of universities. The Times Higher Education ranking, however, considers only leading universities, 1,661 of which from 99 countries have been analysed this year.

Translated by George Farrants

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