24 April 2024

Anna Thörn is to be the new University Director at LiU. She is currently regional administrative director of Region Dalarna and has previously held several management positions in Östergötland, including as municipal director in both Norrköping and Söderköping.  

The recruitment of a new university director has been ongoing during the spring, and it has been a thorough process with several highly qualified candidates.

“I’m really looking forward to returning to Östergötland and the university director position at LiU. My motivation and commitment has been in the community sector throughout my professional life, and the university has an important role there. LiU is an exciting organisation in an expansive and innovative region,” says Anna Thörn. 

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Anna Thörn is a qualified teacher and has also completed the National School Leadership Training Programme. In recent years, she has also studied quality management and leadership development. Having the opportunity, together with the organisation, to drive change that challenges ingrained approaches and structures attracted her to accept the position.

“The university director position at LiU had previously aroused my curiosity, and when the opportunity came up again, it was easy to accept. It is with humility and curiosity that I step into a socially important and exciting position.”

Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, who led the recruitment, places particular emphasis on Anna Thörn’s long experience of management and leadership at a high administrative level in several different complex organisations.

“I’m very happy that Anna Thörn applied for and accepted the position. Many who have worked with her testify that she is a manager who, through trust-based leadership, encourages commitment, responsibility and change.

Even though the two of us haven’t previously worked together, we’ve known each other through different collaboration areas where LiU is involved,” says Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson.

“She has exactly the qualifications that our university needs to take important steps into the future and make LiU’s vision, with the courage to think freely and innovate, a reality.”

The university director is a member of the university management, which constitutes the overall strategic and operative management of the university. The position includes leading University Services, whose 690 co-workers carry out the university administration. Anna Thörn lives in Sankt Anna, in Söderköping Municipality, and will take up her position on 15 August.



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