Communications Officer

I create texts, photos and videos. I update and create new content on

I work at the Communications and Marketing Division (KOM) and am a consultant at the Department of Thematic Studies (TEMA). I mainly work with communication related to the institutions' research and education. External communication not only has a democratic function but also contributes to increasing Linköping University's visibility and thereby strengthening our brand.

Main tasks as Communications Officer

  • publish and update research and employee pages on
  • produce content such as text, photos and video
  • develop strategies for external communication
  • plan, implement and follow up on communication efforts

Where to find me

I have two offices on Campus Valla, some days I work at TEMA in Temahuset, other days I work at the Communications and Marketing Division (KOM) in D Building, Entrance 41.

My coworkers at the Website Management and Media Lab (WEME)

Where I work at LiU