Photo of Eva Bökman

Eva Bökman

Communications Officer

I work at Barnafrid, a national center whose task is to collect, compile and spread knowledge about violence against children. My job is about reaching out with knowledge to professionals who meet children as part of their professional practice.

Priority tasks on my desk

I contribute to Barnafrid's operations by:

  • planning, implementing and evaluating external communication efforts
  • providing communications support to Barnafrid's employees
  • leading and coordinating projects
  • creating content and writing texts
  • development and maintenance of Barnafrid's website

Barnafrid's work takes place in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Sustainable Development Goals according of Agenda 2030, which deal with preventing and stopping violence and exploitation of children (mainly sub-goal 16.2).

Icon-grid showing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in colour

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