Plasma and Coatings Physics (PLASM)

We are an innovative and forward-thinking group at the forefront of advanced plasma techniques. Our goal is to address major challenges facing contemporary materials science and technology. Through a combination of experimental and theoretical tools we seek to understand and exploit the process-plasma-material interaction.

Coloured SEM image of unique truss like structures, fabricated within our group, termed nanotrusses. The structures consist of interlinked iron nanoparticles. (Inset) STEM image showing individual iron nanoparticles.

Research at Plasma and coatings physics division

Our current research interests are focused into two main areas.

Plasma Theory and Diagnostics for Thin Film Deposition

The use of pulsed plasma pulses to sputter material it allows the deposition of thin films with unmatched density and quality. We are helping to further improve the quality of films deposited by investigating the underlying theory of pulsed plasmas, their characterisation by innovative in-situ methods and exploitation in the deposition of novel thin films.

Deposition of Anisotropic Nanoparticle Arrays

The division made the discovery that the application of a pulse plasma combined with a hollow cathode and applied magnetic field allows the formation of unique structures, see above. Our aim is to exploit these structures to enable improved performance for real world applications, for example water splitting for energy storage.


The division works with research groups across a wide range of disciplines both domestically and aboard. This includes a significant number of guest scientists and students working a wide range of projects.

Spin Out Company

In order to commercially exploit the benefits of thin film deposition by HiPIMS, in 2010, members of the group formed the spin out company; Ionautics AB (

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