National center on violence against children


Barnafrid is a national centre charged with gathering and disseminating knowledge about child abuse and violence against children. It is a government assignment that was awarded to Linköping University in 2015. 

Headerbild, Barnafrid, 2019, Getty Images Photo credit Getty Images

A government assignment

Barnafrid is a government assignment that was awarded to Linköping University in 2015 and is placed under the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences (BKV) at the Faculty of Medicine, University Hospital Campus (US), in Linköping. 
Barnafrid not only aims at professionals who, as part of their work, meet children and young people who have been subjected to violence, but also at professionals in other fields such as various authorities, for example. The purpose of the centre, by means of gathering and disseminating knowledge, is to contribute to improved prevention work and to develop effective measures to protect and support children who are subjected to violence and other forms of abuse.

Research and practice

Barnafrid is intended as a link between research and practice, and is today responsible for various national vocational networks through which professionals are invited to lecture seminars with the opportunity of exchanging experiences with each other. The centre is also charged with the annual tasks of identifying areas where more knowledge is needed, tailoring compiled information for relevant professional groups, and identifying and reporting on areas for development to the government.

Barnafrid is led by the Head of Center, Laura Korhonen, and employs around 20 members of staff. Its operations are reported annually to the Ministry of Social Affairs.


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